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2019 Can Cost You Money

"I'll hold off buying a home until next year." If you've thought of purchasing a home, but don't want to deal with the process now, you have probably had this thought cross your mind a time or

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Rent Or Buy Either Way You Are Paying A Mortgage

I share an article on my Facebook page that I found really interesting. If you would like to read it go to www.facebook.com/BigGeorgeKokorisRealtor/  and like my page so you can see many

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What You Need To Know About The Mortgage Process

The mortgage process can be complicated especially if you have never gone through it before. I am going to give a brief out line on some of the important factors to help give you a better

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Selling A Home

Selling a home can be a difficult task for even the most seasoned of sellers. There is so much that goes into the process of placing a property on the housing market. First, the owner needs to get

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